Christmas Lighting Links

Here are some of the web sites I've found while pursuing my Christmas lighting hobby (obsession?):

Commercial Christmas Lights:

Colonnade Lights International

Holiday Lighting by Bethlehem Lighting

An EXCELLENT explanation of how Christmas lights work:

How Christmas lights work

Automated Christmas lighting sites by individuals (in alpha order):

Andy and Barb's Christmas Wonderland

Don McBroom's light display and X-10 program

Doug Lawrence's web site (SylvanLIGHTS)

Franklin Kiser's web site

Jeff Barnette's Extreme Christmas Lights

Jeff Long's web site

Jim Moore's Christmas Wonderland

Joe Faszl's Digital Christmas

Josh Barnett's Lightasmic

Kevin and Lynn Vivaraies' web site

Lorne & Kerrie Oakes' web site

Lyn McArthur's Christmas Creations

Obermiller Family Computer Controlled House of Lights Christmas Display

Planet Christmas

Ralph Umphfres' web site

Rob Fisher's web site

Scott Capelo's Christmas Fanatic web site

Sharp brothers' House of Lights

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Last modified on 09/30/01