Christmas 1999

Here is the layout of what I had for Christmas 1999:

Yard.gif (6232 bytes)

I kept the Christmas tree from 1998 but doubled the number of lights in the tree.  I also added 5 sets of those net lights and placed them on the bushes in front of the house.  My wife liked the idea of having something of a "Candy Cane Lane" (lighted walkway) so we purchased some candy canes and I modified them to be lit.

The ACME gift wrapping machine was also new and was a HUGE undertaking.  It was based on some of the pictures I have over on my Display Ideas page.  Here are the ideas behind the action of the gift wrapping machine: top elf puts parts in the machine, second elf pulls level to start the machine, on each side of the machine are green and red indicators that flash if the toy/gift is "good" or "bad", if the gift is bad either more parts need to be added (left side indicators) or the toy needs to be re-worked (right side indicators).  Click on the following links to see pictures of the construction as it progressed:

Gallery of all 1999 images

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

 Sunday before Thanksgiving

After Thanksgiving


1999 Final Pictures

At night

During the day



Data cable path

The path the data cable took was out the front window to the 3 boxes located at the top of the Christmas tree.  From there it went to the 5 control boxes that controlled the gift wrapping machine.

The display where I work

Yes I did a small display at work so the people who couldn't make it to my house to see the display could understand (kind of) what I could do with a computer and some lights.  It was twelve red 20 light sets arranged in a circle.  I made them twirl, bounce back and forth, do a build pattern, etc.  Some of my co-workers wanted to make some patterns of their own so I let them.  They thought it was pretty neat.  I did it for a decorating contest that our department had.  I didn't win anything.  I guess it wasn't "fluffy" enough.  But it was the most *technical*!

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