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Here is a picture of my brother and I putting the final touches on setup (I'm on the right). Note the conduit frame and the rope attaching the sign to the tree. Also note the black wads on the conduit. Those are the extra lights from each light string in the display (each letter is a separate light string). The extra lights were grouped together in a ball and stuffed into a black plastic trash bag. Then the bag had black electrical tape wrapped around it. Also note the extension cords on the ground. I grouped them all together and ran them back into the house.

For those interested, here is a listing of each circuit that I used in my display and what it was used for:

Channel #        Usage
    1                     First "S" in 'SEASONS'
    2                     "E" in 'SEASONS'
    3                     "A" in 'SEASONS'
    4                     Second "S" in 'SEASONS'
    5                     "O" in 'SEASONS'
    6                     "N" in 'SEASONS'
    7                     Third "S" in 'SEASONS'
    8                     First "G" in 'GREETINGS'
    9                     "R" in 'GREETINGS'
    10                   First "E" in 'GREETINGS'
    11                   Second "E" in 'GREETINGS' (third "E" in the whole display)
    12                   "T" in 'GREETINGS'
    13                   "I" in 'GREETINGS'
    14                   "N" in 'GREETINGS' (second "N" in the whole display)
    15                   Second "G" in 'GREETINGS' (second "G" in the whole display)
    16                   "S" in 'GREETINGS' (fourth "S" in the whole display)

Each control box has 8 switchable circuits or channels in it.  Therefore channels 1-8 are located in control box #1 and channels 9-16 are located in control box #2.   As you can see, I had to make four S's, three E's, two N's, two G's, and one each of A, O, R, T, & I.

With the word "SEASONS" turned on, channels 1-7 are on and channels 8-16 ("GREETINGS") are off.  Also note the lights on the roof - those were such a pain to put up that I've left them up all year. I measured the distance between each one (10") to make sure they looked neat and tidy:

Here is the sign completely lit up:

Here is an animated picture of one of the sequences I did with the sign (WARNING! 120+K file size):

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